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Discussion Guides: (Zoom link to follow closer to the date.)
If you have checked the box for “interest in the book club” on your registration, you will automatically get an email zoom invite for the discussion time.  However, even if you can’t participate in the zoom, you can enjoy reading the book along with us and may wish to utilize the questions for your own personal edification.

Hi all,
Our second book club book is Becoming Elisabeth Elliott by Ellen Vaughn. As this book is a biography, and better suited to reading through in one large chunk, we will be only having one discussion meeting for this book. 
Also, since there were many of you who could not participate because our previous meetings were on a Thursday, we will be meeting on a Monday night for this book.  Hopefully you will be able to join us, and if not, I pray you can use these questions to help you get more out of your reading of this wonderful book.
If you were not able to participate in the previous discussion groups, I hope you will be able to join us for this book, and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book as I have.  

   Book: Becoming Elisabeth Elliott by Ellen Vaughn
   Date of Discussion:  Monday, August 23, at 7:00pm (via Zoom)

Discussion Guide (Word)
Discussion Guide (pdf)

This should give you plenty of time to purchase and read the book over the summer.  Attached are the discussion questions so you can keep them in mind as you read and maybe jot down any notes along the way, if you so desire.  I have truly enjoyed our discussions these past few months and look forward to seeing many of you again, and hopefully, many new faces as well in August.  Again, I will send a reminder about 1 week before our meeting, and then the zoom invitation on the day of the meeting.
Enjoy your summer!

In Christ,
Stacy Nelson

(Our first book club book has concluded)
The first book is Forever, Why You Can’t Live Without It by Paul David Tripp (272 pages).  I personally have really enjoyed this book and hope you will too.  Below is a description from Amazon.
The here and now is simply not able to bear the weight of our expectations. We’ve lost an eternal perspective, and it hurts us every day. Job disappointment, relationship struggles, and quiet feelings of disillusionment all signal that something is not quite right. Life only makes sense when you realize that all of the situations, locations, and relationships of your life were not designed to be a final resting place for your hopes and dreams, but tools of preparation for a destination to come. Living without eternity puts pressure on the here and now to be what it cannot be and to deliver what it cannot deliver. Countless people deal daily with the frustration of a life that has no “forever.” In Jesus Christ the hope of eternity is restored and, with it, a radical new way of understanding and facing the normal struggles of life in a world broken and waiting for restoration“.
Book Club Meeting #1
Chapter 1 (pdf)
Chapter 1 (word)
Chapters 2-4 (pdf)
Chapters 2-4 (word)
Book Club Meeting #2
Chapters 5-8 (word)
Chapters 5-8 (pdf)
Book Club Meeting #3
Chapters 9-14 (pdf)
Chapters 9-14 (word)

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