Virtual Hike

In trying to implement as many of the activities that take place at camp, we are excited to offer you the chance to participate in the Retreat Hike, in a virtual way.  How does that work?  Basically, just about any way you want it to!! 

But here are some of the ideas we had.
1. It’d be fun if we all knew we were going on a hike (or even just a walk, anything OUTSIDE)
on the same day.  So, if you can, we’d love for you to do your hike on Saturday, April 10th, which is one of the days the retreat was originally planned for 2021.  If you can’t make it that day though, any day in the week leading up to April 10th would be great. 
2. You can go by yourself, with your family, some friends, or ladies from your church. 
3. We encourage you to post photos of your hike with a brief description of where you went and with whom. That way we’ll really get to share in the experience of doing our “virtual hike” together.

How cool is that!!  Maybe this will be the first time ever for you to go on “The Hike!”  We look forward to seeing your pictures here.
P.S. If you signed up for the virtual hike on your registration, we will send you emails with pertinent information about how to send us your pictures, etc
Contact: Michelle Gregg

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Stacy hike #2
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