2019 Retreat

To Be a Member


Taylor Lim

As new believers or seasoned pilgrims, we all do well to hear the gospel. Constantly. To be reminded of hat Christ has done on our behalf, who we are in Gods sight and what we are called to be and do – we all do well to be reminded. Constantly! Together, we will look at what it means to be a member of Christ’s body, the church. Why do we even step foot in the door, and what are we called to do when there? What are the idols and falsehoods that war within us, within the church, peeling our eyes off the true prize? How is fellowship, that magnificent gift from God, truly defined?

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Sunday Sermon – Pastor James Lim

Morning Devotions

Tricia Mathys

Saturday Morning – Adorning the Gospel
Sunday Morning – Good True and Beautiful