Please join us for the 42nd Annual Southern California OPC Women’s Retreat! Registration will open February 11, 2024.

April 5-7, 2024

Our speaker will be Caroline Newheiser and she will be speaking about “When Words Matter Most: Speaking the Truth With Grace to Those You Love.”

Caroline is a Biblical Counselor certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and has a Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling (MACC) from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). She has been a pastor’s wife for over 30 years and is currently the assistant coordinator of women’s counseling at RTS.  

When a friend or family member is struggling spiritually, do you ever feel uncertain about what to say and how to say it? You may sense your loved one needs to hear biblical encouragement or advice, but you may also feel inadequate for the task. Not knowing how to respond, you might simply commiserate or say nothing at all. Many Christian women find themselves in similar situations, but God calls all of us to something more!

Caroline Newheiser, one of the authors of When Words Matter Most (Crossway), will encourage and equip us to speak truth with grace to those they love. Through carefully selected Scripture passages and real-life examples, Caroline will provide biblical motivation and instruction for what to say—and how to say it—to those who are worried, weary, wayward, or weeping. We will learn how to speak truth in love within their spheres of influence and strengthen the body of Christ as a whole.

The topics covered will include

  • Understanding God’s Call to speak truth in love
  • Discerning and responding to common spiritual needs of others
  • Embracing Scripture’s key attributes and its power to transform lives
  • Speaking with grace as an overflow of the grace we’ve received in Christ.
  • Overcoming common fears to speak truth in love by finding our confidence in God alone.

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