Second devotional talk from 4/10/21: “Quiet & Rest”…

<3 Eternity In Our Hearts – followup devotion #1 (5 minute read)

First devotional talk from 3/6/21: “Eternity In Our Hearts”…

Click here for written transcript of the March 6th Devotion

Hello Friends! 
It’s so nice that we’ll be able to “see “each other this year after all 🙂 
I have felt your absence deeply, as the Women’s OPC Retreat is a highlight of my year. There’s nothing like those times spent sitting around the table at meal time getting to know all of you. I’ve said it many times, but the encouragement I receive from connecting with other ladies from our presbytery gives me such a profound sense of being connected to Christ’s body that is difficult to experience in other ways. (Of course, the Refresh! event is another immeasurable blessing of the same kind.)
So now, I’m glad you’re here ❤️
This is the landing page for the devotions and Bible studies we’ll be enjoying together throughout the year. In addition to other activities, we plan on providing once a month opportunities to gather here for time in the Word. Our first group event will be on March 6th at 10 AM. I’ll be meeting with you via Zoom, speaking about “Eternity in our Hearts” and how deeply we’ve felt the longing for the kingdom this past year. All devotional talks will be recorded and posted on the website. 
I can’t wait to see you!
Tricia Mathys
for the Southern California OPC Women’s Retreat Committee